Why we were searching for the bar in the chapel, I will never know.

In my absence, I’ve secretly been really busy. Remember how back in February I was having more adventures so that I could tell you about them? Well, I’ve done it again. Funny thing, though – last year, I felt like I answered questions, and this year I feel like I’ve asked a whole bunch more […]

Whoa, it’s been a while. You know why? Because I was having more adventures so that I could tell you about them. I’m not going to dump them all on you right now, and rest assured that they are ongoing, and therefore you can probably reasonably expect me to write a lot more in the […]

Based on the demographics of my friends, and therefore who reads this blog, I have a feeling that many of you are somewhere in the middle of that awkward transition between childhood and being an adult. You’re twenty-odd, and you still get a weird thrill when people your parents’ age treat you like a human […]

I don’t know what I was thinking – perhaps it was just the combination of good company and the names Terry Gilliam, Brad Pitt, and Bruce Willis – but tonight, I watched 12 Monkeys with my housemates, and now my grasp on reality has been completely broken down. Those of you who are familiar with the […]

In the past few weeks, I have been fielding a lot of inquiries about how on earth I could possibly be certain enough about Jack to get engaged to him, having now known him for a cumulative total of two and a half months, and having been with him for only half that time. This […]

When you leave home and strike out into the world to volunteer and travel, there is one thing that you will do substantially less of, and that is cooking. You will do substantially more of many things, such as getting stuck in bogs, putting in hardwood floors, and exploring previously unknown cities, but cooking will […]

One of my dear friends in Vancouver sent me this link (thank you!!). Pico Iyer speaks about how multicultural, and therefore displaced, a lot of people are, and how no matter how many places feel like home, or have a claim to be home, the only real home you can find is where you are.