Monthly Archives: April 2013

The search for Home

  It has been another gorgeous day in Brittany, with the wind all a-bluster and the sun half in, half out. Probably 10 degrees C, a little chillier than you’d usually wish for with gales like we had, but really not that bad. Spent the day outside, weeding and watering in the wind, daydreaming.   […]

Why you shouldn’t just go to school

This post winds a bit, so bear with me.   It’s going to start with an update: I’m in Brittany! Staying with my friend Romain! Whom I met last summer in Ireland! He’s amazing! We’ve been doing almost nothing but having a wonderful time and playing copious (holy gods, copious) amounts of music (Celtic, of […]

What the hell am I doing, anyway?

What is one to do when one finishes school, having gotten a degree that no one can find in their hearts to tell you is worthwhile, and feels like a pretty shoddy world citizen? Go volunteer, of course! This is not the only answer that is possible to give: one could imagine that working would […]

This is where it continues.

It is a foggy afternoon in early August, mist moving like giants between the hills. The summer has been unseasonably cold and inhospitable, even for Ireland, and I have spent the whole of it working outside. At the moment, I haven’t showered for about four days, and I’m nearly shivering, but it’s the end of […]

This is where it begins.

Rose hips in Uplands Park, Victoria, BC, in early January, before I left the Northwest Coast.