Finalized plans and finished projects


You know what I did today? Today, I made a purse, entirely of my own design, in three hours. Hah! Ahaha! Hahahahaha!!! Forgive the maniacal laughter; I am just excessively pleased by this, as it looks incredibly lovely and totally professional. The only thing I have yet to do is embroider it, which I intend to do while I travel.


The whole sheebang.


I could not have done this without the help of my host, Rebecca. Of course she guided me through the difficult bits and provided instructions, but most importantly, she provided motivation. You see, Rebecca loves sewing. She adores it. She teaches sewing classes, makes quilts, does alterations, everything. And so whenever se has volunteers, she imparts that love to them – or at least, she gets each volunteer to make something. Without her, I would have thought of the bag, wished for the bag, planned the bag…but never actually made the bag. That is what a love of something is for: it is to not only do it yourself, but to share it with others. Rebecca does this beautifully, and makes her living sharing the knowledge and activities she loves.


And she shares her beautiful steam-punk 1930’s Featherweight, if you’re lucky!


And I’m really glad, because yesterday I finally booked the rest of my flights and train tickets to get me from Italy to France and from France back home. I’m completely relieved. Not to mention that I will get to see my host from Bere Island – she’s coming up to Tipperary on Monday – and I am looking forward to seeing her immensely. Ah! Life is much better when you just deal with the stupid stressful stuff. Infinitely improved.


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  1. s french · · Reply

    “Life is much better when you just deal with the stupid stressful stuff.” You could get a job making t-shirts. Enjoy yourself–Hey, I made one too.

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