Monthly Archives: July 2013

Pico Iyer: Where Is Home?

One of my dear friends in Vancouver sent me this link (thank you!!). Pico Iyer speaks about how multicultural, and therefore displaced, a lot of people are, and how no matter how many places feel like home, or have a claim to be home, the only real home you can find is where you are. […]

Growing Up with a Wilderness

Based on the demographics of my friends, and therefore who reads this blog, I have a feeling that many of you are somewhere in the middle of that awkward transition between childhood and being an adult. You’re twenty-odd, and you still get a weird thrill when people your parents’ age treat you like a human […]

The Pallet Garden

My favorite thing: having my mind utterly blown by creative innovation. Today, the worthy mind-blower extraordinaire is The Micro Gardener, a woman in Australia who gardens like a fiend and thinks about ways to make gardening more accessible to people in all situations. The idea of hers that took the mind-blowing cake was her idea […]

Stress is a Four-Letter Word

Every now and again, I wake up having a panic attack. Not really about anything, or at least, not about anything that I can’t be rational about at other moments of my life; these things just creep up on me, and suddenly my heart is racing and I feel sick, and my breath comes in […]

Return from the Void

Hello, darling readers! I have been gone for two reasons: 1) Business (but that was a while ago) and 2) cluelessness (which is ongoing, but recently, and for our purposes, remedied). Could you believe me if I told you that I couldn’t figure out how to write on this blog on a computer? To be […]