The Pallet Garden


Vertical pallet garden courtesy of my lack of artistic talent, with mint, thyme, marigolds, chives, spinach, red kale, strawberries, nasturtiums, zucchini and summer squash. Garden design potentially ridiculous, but it was fun to draw.

My favorite thing: having my mind utterly blown by creative innovation. Today, the worthy mind-blower extraordinaire is The Micro Gardener, a woman in Australia who gardens like a fiend and thinks about ways to make gardening more accessible to people in all situations. The idea of hers that took the mind-blowing cake was her idea for a pallet garden – basically, you take an old pallet, staple some garden fabric to it, fill it with soil, and garden. She shows examples of pallet gardens stood on end, so that a virtually free and utterly beautiful vertical garden emerges, or stacked to form raised beds with functional sides, or taken to bits and used as wood to build everything from window boxes to cold frames. It is an absolutely ingenious notion, wins the Incredible Wizardry Award of the day.

Editor’s note: this idea was not created by The Micro Gardener; rather, it was something that is so genius that it was created again and again by many people, and she was lovely enough to put all those pictures and construction ideas in one place. However, that doesn’t stop her from being amazing. So there.



  1. Hi Magpiekate, thanks for sharing my post and giving me a smile for the day. You are a talented artist and I love your pallet garden drawing! I made another couple of pallet planters recently for a garden expo and love reusing items that would otherwise go to waste. Take care and happy gardening. 🙂

  2. Can you please make more articles like this.

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