My favorite thing: having my mind utterly blown by creative innovation. Today, the worthy mind-blower extraordinaire is The Micro Gardener, a woman in Australia who gardens like a fiend and thinks about ways to make gardening more accessible to people in all situations. The idea of hers that took the mind-blowing cake was her idea […]

Every now and again, I wake up having a panic attack. Not really about anything, or at least, not about anything that I can’t be rational about at other moments of my life; these things just creep up on me, and suddenly my heart is racing and I feel sick, and my breath comes in […]

Hello, darling readers! I have been gone for two reasons: 1) Business (but that was a while ago) and 2) cluelessness (which is ongoing, but recently, and for our purposes, remedied). Could you believe me if I told you that I couldn’t figure out how to write on this blog on a computer? To be […]

You know what I did today? Today, I made a purse, entirely of my own design, in three hours. Hah! Ahaha! Hahahahaha!!! Forgive the maniacal laughter; I am just excessively pleased by this, as it looks incredibly lovely and totally professional. The only thing I have yet to do is embroider it, which I intend […]

  At long last, we have had a full day of sun here near Limerick, in Ireland, and I was outside in it working all day! It was truly wonderful. There are few things I cherish more than pleasant, bright, late-spring days. They remind me of my old home, when this time of year the […]

Next time you are in Exeter in England, and someone tells you that you probably shouldn’t walk to the airport from wherever you are, smile politely and do it anyway. A remarkable fact about the Exeter area is that it is riddled with bicycle and pedestrian routes, including bridges and backroads, that lead one past […]

As a preface to this post, I would like to say that spontaneity is a trait which is important to cultivate in oneself. Very important. In my last post, I talked about how captivated I’ve been by Brittany, and how much like home it has felt, and just how little I have wanted to leave. […]